As with other energy sources like natural gas and electricity, you need to learn and keep in mind the safety rules when being around propane, propane equipment and handling appliances that contain it.

When used properly, propane is a safe, economical, environmentally friendly, clean-burning, and versatile fuel.

Propane Safety Tips


Fully read and follow the lighting and operating instructions on the warning labels provided by the appliance manufacturer. The pilot contains a safety device. If you have trouble keeping that light on, this device is warning you about a problem arising or already present. Call a service technician for assistance. Never tamper with the controls; appliance controls are not ever to be forced. If you cannot operate the switches, knobs or buttons by hand, call your supplier.


Propane has an odor added so you can detect leaks. Stay alert for the odor of propane when you’re around a gas container or appliance. If anyone in your household is unable to recognize this odor, ask us for a scratch-and-sniff brochure to demonstrate the odor. Propane is heavier than air and will collect at floor level. If you smell gas, do not try to light the appliance.

  • DO NOT use a phone close to the area (use the phone at a neighbor’s house), light matches, or turn off/on electrical switches.
  • Put out all smoking materials and any other open flames.
  • Do not operate any appliance, switches or thermostats.
  • If the leak seems to come from a cylinder, immediately remove the cylinder and get everyone around you out of the vehicle, building, or area.
  • Shut off the gas supply using the shut-off valve at the tank or cylinder.
  • The smell of gas tends to go away, but DO NOT turn the gas on again.
  • Call your propane supplier. Have the gas service technician repair the leak, then recheck and reset all your gas appliances.

Carbon monoxide can be produced by a propane gas appliance that is not functioning properly. The flame on your appliance should always burn bright blue. If the appliance produces a lazy yellow or orange flame, have it checked by a professional. In addition, always make sure your appliances are vented properly and that there is a good supply of fresh air available.

  • Don’t allow unqualified personnel to service your propane system or appliance.
  • Don’t tamper with gas controls on appliances.
  • Don’t let your system run out of propane.
  • Have wet or flooded appliances and controls serviced immediately.
  • Propane odor may fade or be covered up by other strong odors. Do not light pilot lights in areas where there is a strong odor.
  • Completely ventilate the area first.
  • Repeated pilot outages could indicate a hazardous condition. Don’t attempt to relight the pilot. Call your service technician.

To ensure uninterrupted gas service, the customer should monitor the gas tank for refill purposes. Gas must be ordered when your tank gauge reads between 20-30% to allow Mills Fuel Service, Inc. ample time to deliver prior to the customer running out of gas.

Mills Fuel Service, Inc. cannot be responsible for damage to concrete or asphalt driveways.

If a Mills Fuel Service, Inc. tank is placed inside a fence, the fence must have a drive-through gate for placing and removing tanks. If a customer has their own tank inside a fence, there must be a walk-through gate for our employee to enter with a fill-up hose. Access through all gates must be unrestricted.

Due to state, local, fire and insurance codes, regulations and requirements, Mills Fuel Service must perform a safety check any time there is a disruption in service – NO EXCEPTIONS. Customers must be home at the time of the safety check to enable MFS personnel to have access to the home. Problems discovered must be repaired and/or corrected prior to service being restored.

All first-time purchasers are required to have a safety check.

All safety checks will be performed by Mills Fuel Service personnel at the normal cost per hour for labor plus materials.

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